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Very poorly optemised 


Really wanted to record this, but everytime i hit launch it says fatal error.  I'm using the app if that changes anything

I've been having the same problem for two weeks. :(

Unfortunately we are not able to replicate the error. I'm super sorry you can't play our game. Development on Awakening is pretty much over since it was for a school project.

I thought that I would be getting Dead Space or maybe Doom, but I like that this was different.  I would have liked it more if I could hurt the aliens.  Not that it killed the mood or anything.  The movement did seem fine in the larger areas of the map, but in the smaller/more condensed areas seemed kind of strange.  Anyway thanks for making the game, and I hope you enjoy the video that I made about it.  Have a nice day!


Thanks for making a video about our little game for one of our school projects. This put a big smile on my face! We all really appreciate it.

This reminds me a bit of Dead Space and a bit of Doom at the same time.  But, it is leaning more toward action horror than survival horror.  The characters movement speed is very fast, the only problem with that is the environment is all pretty similar, making it very hard to see where you are going, and even harder to tell where you've been.  The game did fail for me, somehow the resource button got stuck, maybe, and I couldn't see anything to progress.  Other than that the sound effects need work, and I think music would add a great deal to the experience.  But, this is a good start, and I really like the flamethrower.  The character design of the aliens are great.  I especially like the larger alien.  And the puzzle mechanic with the glyphs works.  All in all a good effort, with some polish it could turn into something fantastic. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game! We really appreciate it!

downloaded the game on chrome browser, extracted files and then double clicked awakening prototype, the game opens but my  mouse doesn't appear and im not able to make a selection on main menu, tried using my arrow keys and controller as well.

The game currently only supports Gamepad (xbox controller, or DS4). Make sure the gamepad is plugged in and installed prior to launching the game


Hello, I increased your upload limit on (I'm an admin!). Could you upload your game directly to instead of using an external link. Thanks

Hello, thanks for the extra space up to 750mb, however our zipped PC build is 888mb (Creative Director here). Is it possible to accommodate that file size? Thanks


Thank you! The direct download is up now.


Thanks, I've featured your game on the homepage!

Thank you that is awesome!

Awesome game Team Serene! Your presentation in class was very impressive. 

Any updates on the game? I'd really love to try this out and make a video or two. Student projects, especially ones that look this good, are some of my favorites.

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Fatal Error when attempting to run, is there any information I can provide to help get that fixed?

If it helps at all I'm running windows 10 pro on and asus x99 mobo, 32 gb ddr4, i7-6800k, and 2 r9 295x2 with directx 12.


Did you make sure to extract the files from the zip?

Yessir, everything was extracted unless there were zip files inside the zip file.

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Hmm I've run through the process along with some of the other developers, everything seems to work. What internet browser are you using? We found that using Chrome and being signed into a google account always worked.

I use firefox, I'll try it with chrome and let you know how it works!

Tried using Firefox, Chrome and Edge, logged in and not. Every time still the same fatal error. If there is any other info you need from my end, I'd be more than happy to provide it.

We are currently looking into getting more space to accommodate the game, so we don't have to use an external site. I will message you as soon as we know if we can get more.

truncate error when trying to download

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Were able to download the file from google drive? What internet browser are you using?

using the client. I'll try it in Chrome.