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What Is Project Backfire?

PROJECT BACKFIRE is a action game in an isometric perspective where a player controls a creature who navigates through the world dodging explosives, hazards, and interacting with objects.

Project Backfire was developed by Team ZFighting for UCF's Summer 2017 Game Workshop Class.


  • Gameplay in primarily a top-down isometric view.
  • Camera will follow player as it moves around the level.
  • One fully animated player.
  • Two environments the player survives in.
  • Player Force Push and Blink abilities.
  • Pick-Ups for usable powers.
  • Pseudo-random explosive spawner, for different experiences each playthrough.
  • Fast action One versus One Multiplayer
  • Full support for controller, keyboard & mouse on Windows and OSX.
  • Simple directional movement, with a minimal control scheme for intuitive play.

How Do I Play?

WASD to move your character

Spacebar/left shift to Blink

J to Force Push

K to use a Pick-Up

P to Pause

Esc to close game

What Can I Play This On?

Project Backfire was built to run on the following platforms:

  • Windows 10

The Team

Ben Taylor


Anthony DiDonna

Technical Lead

Jimmy Dalmon

Creative Director

Tyler Ridgeway

Art Lead

Zachary Millette

Senior Programmer

Zeke Duncan

Senior Artist, Environmental Artist

Martin Jerez

Sound Designer

Jarrod Swartz

Programmer, UI
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBen Taylor


RTM_V4.zip 585 MB