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What is Ransacked?

Ransacked is a stealth thieving game in the third-person perspective, where a player controls a thief who can steal almost anything. During the experience the player travels between the Thieves’ Guild and a nearby village, looting homes for their items, avoiding guards, and selling stolen goods for gold.


  • Full support for windowed and full screen display
  • Evolving Hub world
  • 4 Unique Legendary Items
  • Gameplay in a third-person view
  • Curated Loot Generation
  • Fully Animated Player Character and Non-player Characters
  • Endless loot bag system
  • Over 200 items to steal
  • Sophisticated AI
  • Unique challenge houses for legendary loot runs.
  • Full support for controller on Windows
  • Simple directional movement, aiming and multi-button control scheme with limited HUD.
  • 9 unique houses that introduce diverse experiences in each, with a total of 11 houses
  • Full tutorial system
  • 4 pieces of gear that enhance gameplay

How to play:

The game isn't optimized for Keyboard and Mouse, but it is possible.
WASD >>>>to Move
E >>>>to pick up
Q >>>>to drop
Left Shift >>>>to run
Left Ctrl >>>>to sneak
Mouse >>>>to look
Right Click >>>>to aim (left click to throw gear)
Left Click >>>>to drop gear
Scroll Wheel >>>> to change gear
F >>>>to interact


Zachary BledsoeCreative Director | Art Lead

Benjamin TaylorProducer | Gameplay Designer

James MillerTech Lead

Connor Jaynes3d Artist

Zachary Richardson: Animator

Adam Bach CohenDesigner | Particles

Amanda Meyer2d Artist

Alex SimonsonProgrammer

Samuel EdwardsLead Designer

Nathan HunnicuttProgrammer

Christian OcampoSenior Artist

Special Thanks:
Angel Rodriguez
Zachary Maulden
Graham Hines
Lucas Issitt
Johnathan Shaw

Ransacked is a student project, made in 16 weeks during the spring 2018 semester at UCF.

Install instructions

Download the Ransacked.zip file. Extract the files on your computer. Locate the Ransacked.exe file and launch it!


Ransacked.zip 406 MB


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Ha, this was a fun little foray into the world of thievery! Stealth isn't my forte though, so it's more like a failed foray, but I still had fun with it! I came across a bug here or there (including one fatal one), but thanks to the handy dandy continue feature I didn't lose any gameplay, so that was a bonus.

I definitely need more practice being sneaky though, or I'll never see any of that legendary loot! Keep up the awesome work everyone, this is shaping up to be something pretty amazing! =)

Awesome video! Sorry you got lost in the Guild >.<!

i cannot stop playing this! i love it! i really want to find the high value things and to also find the keys to the locked doors underground! if possible! keep up the great work! :D
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The team is super happy you are having some fun with our game! We will be uploading a new version with a ton of changes very soon.

My biggest complaints are with the controls. It's kinda weird that sneaking into a house is mostly just opening the door and walking inside.

That being said, I did not realize that I loved stealing so much. I try to maximize my loot per run, and that's the most fun for me. Definitely, definitely, keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I liked this game, reminds me of a simpler time of playing something for fun rather than for records and fame, thanks for the experience :)

Thanks for making this awesome video!

Anytime! ;P


It won't seem to let me play the game for some reason.

This is a very fun arcade like game, very addictive.  The little tools, combined with the simple stealth mechanics, it reminds me of old playstation games, and even a bit like Fable with the graphical settings.  The legendary loot is a bit obscure to find though, not sure if there is an end game goal, but just as a little game to jump in every so often it works very well.  Great job!

Thanks for making this awesome video! Glad you enjoyed your time. The game is still in development and we are working on making legendary runs for rewarding, meaningful, and less convoluted. If you want to hop back in try using the unusually heavy candle in the wine house on the candle holder next to the locked door!


make this game a  apk game

i cant wait to play!!


============= GERMAN ==============
(english below)

Ein süß zusammengedampfte Variante der Elder-Scrolls-Diebesgilde mit einem lustigen Twist. Fräulein Langfinger auf der Suche nach legendärem Loot.

- Möglichkeit alles zu stehlen führt zu amüsanten Situationen
- Missionen in Form von Rätseln für legendäres Loot
- schöne Präsentation

- bei vielen Gegenständen unmöglich sofort das richtige Item zu greifen
- keine Indikatoren wann man gesehen und gejagt wird
- Tutorial zu Textlastig

============= ENGLISH ==============

A cute and small version of the Elder Scrolls thiefesguild with a fun twist. Ms pickpocket looking for legendary loot.

- Option to steal everything leads to amusing situations
- Missions done through riddles for legendary loot
- nicely presented

- with a bunch of Items it's impossible to grab the correct item immediatly
- no indicators when being seen or hunted
- tutorial too text-heavy

Awesome video! Thank you for the feedback.

OMG!This is the best game in the World!!!I'll even record to my channel!

Thank You!


Hey i thought this game was awesome!! i love the whole looting idea and cannot wait to make loads of money from looting and looking for better things to collect! :D i found a diamond but the door stopped me from getting in :( nevermind haha, really awesome job on creating this! :D


Thank you so much for taking some time to play our game. The team loved the video! The cellar door to the diamond is bugged currently there is no way back out. We are looking forward to your next video!


Ransacked is a pretty fun little sneak game. Graphically, it reminds me of the Game Cube days, with everything being stylized and a bit cartoonish. A good thing, of course, especially with the world and all the models within being well crafted and with good art design. And while I've no clue how to get the Legendary Loot, I did still enjoy going around stealing literally everything else in the town. This definitely has potential.

Good job, devs. You made a thing.
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Dude thank you so much for playing and making a video! It means a ton to the team, we are all giddy with excitement. To activate a legendary run you must speak to the informant inside the thieves guild (guy to the left of the initial spawn on a new game). You will get a riddle that involves you finding and using certain items. Good Luck! We are going to work on making that more apparent in the future.

And thank you for making and posting the game. It's a fun play so far. I did eventually find the informant purely by chance after that video, though his riddle didn't help me much.(Not that I won't keep trying.) I also managed to find a bug. There's a cellar behind one of the houses and trying to open it causes it to flip upright like a normal door and renders the cellar inescapable.

We are aware lol, it should be fixed going into the next build. Thanks for the feedback

Always glad to give feedback on fresh works. Also, I finally managed to find the Legendary Loot.  Turns out I was over thinking things.

Yay Congrats! Good luck getting the rest.

This looks friggin cool. Definitely gonna try this out later today.

My game crashed after i got caught while entering the guild.....

It is a known bug. We are hoping to have it fixed soon. Thanks for your feedback!

Can you create a mac version of the game?

I will try to make a build in the coming days. I'll message you when it will be up!

Thank you!

Hi dear devs, can i use keyboard and mouse?

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The game isn't optimized for Keyboard and Mouse, but it is possible.
WASD >>>>to Move
E >>>>to pick up
Q >>>>to drop
Left Shift >>>>to run
Left Ctrl >>>>to sneak
Mouse >>>>to look
Right Click >>>>to aim (left click to throw)
Left Click >>>>to drop
Scroll Wheel >>>> to change gear
F >>>>to interact


Nice :), thank you for your answer.